How Can Freelancers Hunt New Clients?

Freelancing is not an easy job. In order to become a successful freelancer, you have to have proper skills and qualifications that will open the door for you to gain more jobs and not only make clients, but to retain them as well. Freelancers are like hunters who have specific ways to hunt their prey and, definitely, it is not an easy job. Therefore, as a freelancer you have to develop some techniques to help you find your calling.
Have a university degree
You should have a university degree or at least a diploma in translation for example, if you want to work as a freelance translator. You cannot enter a field because just you like it. Clients prefer to work with specialists.
Fluent in both language pairs
If you decide to work as a freelance translator, you have to make sure that you are fluent in both languages in order to provide a high-quality job.
Make sure you are easy to find
 Usually clients use google to find freelancers. So the first step you should take is to market yourself. You can create a website, even a simple one, for yourself. You can upload your CV, samples of previous work, and your profile incudes a good photo for yourself. Your profile has to be creative and interesting to trap your prey, BUT remember you have to be honest and do not include false information. You can also use social media such as Facebook and twitter, to market yourself.
Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date
LinkedIn is one the most well-known websites in the world regarding jobs. That’s why it is necessary to create a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated.   
Be a professional
Clients, for sure, seeks to find competent, professional freelancers who can provide a high-quality service. So you have to make sure you are qualified enough to fulfill the tasks perfectly, and if you still a beginner, do not burn yourself and develop your skills first before seeking jobs, because if you are not a professional or at least not able to provide a good, accurate service, no one will deal with you anymore.   
Be honest
You have to be honest with yourself before clients. If the client asks you questions, you should answer their questions honestly to make him/her trust you and assign you future jobs.
Do not pat yourself on the back
Some freelancers, particularly beginners, make a catastrophic mistake. They think that if they praise themselves using phrases such as “I am exceptional at…, no one can do such a job, but me…, don’t contact me if…” things like these will make clients have a bad impression about you believing that you are not good to carry on the job, even if you are an expert freelancer. It is important to mind your language.
Be patient
Do not expect that once you enter the field as a freelancer, clients will contact you. Just remember the hunter and prey technique. You have to ensure that everything such as your skills and qualifications is good first before starting a job. You can start working with three or four clients and then the number will increase after that.
Punctuality is a necessity
Never miss the deadline. You have to be punctual regarding finishing the task on the deadline. This will leave a good impression about you and the client will maintain a durable relationship with you as a freelancer. This will make the client satisfied to pay you your fees.
Speak at conferences
A step up from attending conferences is to deliver speeches, especially, to people who need your services. This will be a great opportunity for you to deal with people and also will give them a chance to know you well.
Volunteer, why not?
You can volunteer in any institution that is related to your field. Moreover, there are some websites that provide such a thing. Although you will not get paid, you will gain experience which will add to your career.
Learn from others
It is really good to learn from other experienced freelancers to develop yourself. One day they were beginners like you and with a lot of hard work, they were able to become professionals. This will help you know what these people do to get clients, develop yourself, and know your point of weaknesses to work on them as well.
These are only some of the most important techniques if you manage to apply, you will be able to start your career as a freelancer successfully. The most important thing you need bear in mind is that you are not alone in this field, there are thousands of other experienced freelancers in the market. The more effort you will exert; the more clients you will get.

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