Arabic for Non-natives

"Polilengua's Arabic for non-native speakers is a comprehensive course, divided into 9 levels, which will help you master the language. Each level is focused on presenting new cultural, linguistic and communication abilities that will enable students to enhance and acquire Arabic language skills in reading writing, listening and speaking.

Course Info



12 weeks (2 Days a week/ 2 hrs)


Online (Microsoft Teams)

Group Capacity

5 Students


€250 /level

Course Overview

This course is focused on interactive sessions that will give you the chance to learn, develop linguistic skills . The course is taught by native Arabic speakers who will help you establish a strong basis and improve your knowledge of a new language throughout each level.

Beginner A1 (36 W)

  • Arabic for beginners A1.1 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners A1.2 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners A1.3 (12 W)

Intermediate B1 (36)

  • Arabic for beginners B1.1 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners B1.2 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners B1.3 (12 W)

Advanced C1 (36)

  • Arabic for beginners C1.1 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners C1.2 (12 W)
  • Arabic for beginners C1.3 (12 W)

Beginner A1

Learning Outcomes

This level concentrates on:

  • Learning the Arabic alphabet
  • Understanding the basics of listening, reading, and writing simple sentences
  • Learning basic vocabulary words and common phrases
  • Developing the ability to communicate common personal information such as introducing one’s self, family, and occupation.
  • Exposing the student to fundamental grammar rules through written texts
  • Topics pertaining to daily life
  • Introducing one’s self, education, field of study, and languages spoken
  • Introducing one’s family, friends, and their occupation
  • Studying daily routines, time, types of fruits, vegetables, and how to prepare food
  • Being able to describe one’s home, life within it, and giving directions
  • Exposing the student to common grammar rules through written texts

Intermediate B1

Learning Outcomes

This level concentrates on developing the skill to:

  • Describe one’s memories, daily life in detail and past events
  • Describe the places that surround those memories and events
  • Describe one’s travels and daily activities
  • Compare simple things and plan for them
  • Discuss topics related to weather, shopping, colors, and clothing
  • Discuss topics related to health and sickness
  • Read about the lives of scholars
  • Utilize the Arabic dictionary
  • Understand common grammar rules through written text
  • Studying topics pertaining to scholarly figures, education systems, historic schools of knowledge, and psychology
  • Studying descriptions of historical places, ancient hospitals, special occasions, and parties
  • Developing comfort in narrating stories in past, present and future tenses
  • Studying Arabic grammar rules as they pertain to these topics
  • Studying topics pertaining to modern art
  • Studying selected topics in journalism, world news, and technology
  • Studying historical journeys 
  • Being able to list, describe and compare between selected topics and ideas.
  • Studying Arabic grammar rules as they pertain to these studies

Advanced C1

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Demonstrate complex written social correspondence and daily situational conversation in Arabic to an upper intermediate to an advanced level.
  • Critically analyze the differences between the main ideas and subsidiary ideas in Arabic texts.
  • Demonstrate use of a good range of Arabic grammar forms and vocabulary in writing and speaking to an upper intermediate level.
  • Initiate and maintain face-to-face conversations in Arabic.
  • Demonstrate an upper intermediate to an advanced comprehension of the Arabic language presented in a variety of audiovisual sources.
  • Demonstrate refined and advanced oral skills in real Arabic speaking situations.
  • Tackle topics pertaining to society, modern stories, education, and more.
  • Good command of English
  • Duration: 12 Weeks ( 2 days per week)
  • Session duration: 2 hours 
  • Date and time: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5 pm to 7 pm (Madrid Time) GMT+1
  • Group Capacity: Small class sizes (5 students maximum)
  • Language of instruction: English 
  • Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)
  • Fees: €250/level (12 Weeks)
  • Paypal
  • Transferencia bancaria
  • Western Union 

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