Spanish Language Course

Polilengua’s Spanish Language Program is divided into 12 levels which will help you master the language. Each 6-week level course is focused on presenting new cultural, linguistic and communication abilities that will enable students to learn the basics of grammar, vocabulary and speaking.

Course info



6 weeks (2 hours per session, 2 days per week)


Online (Microsoft Teams)

Group Capacity

From 5 to 10 people


1200 EGP / $75 (per course)

Course Overview

The course is focused on interactive sessions that will give you the chance to learn, develop linguistic skills and put into practice your new understandings. The course is taught by native Spanish speakers who will help you establish a strong basis and improve your knowledge of a new language throughout each course.

  • Introduction
  • Vocabulary glossaries
  • Deeply explained grammar lessons
  • Reading lounge
  • “Pregunta y responde” 
  • Discussion and interaction
  • Consolidation (exercises, quizzes…)
  • Learn and put into a practice the rules of the gramática, ortografía y pronunciación
  • Develop the required skills for learning a language: expresión oral (speaking), comprensión auditiva (listening), expresión escrita (writing) y comprensión lectora (reading).
  • Understanding the uniqueness of Spanish in a new cultural environment
  • Acquire a critical and linguistic thinking of a new language.
  • Become part of the nearly 600 millions of people in the world who speak Spanish
  • Good understanding of English
  • No requirements for level A1. From A2 and further levels, you must make a Level Exam or provide evidence of your current knowledge of the language
  • Course Duration: 8 weeks (2 days per week) 
  • Session Duration: 2 hours
  • Date and time: Mondays & Wednesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm CAT/UTC+2
  • Course Capacity: 10 students 
  • Place: Online (Microsoft Teams)
  • Status: Available
  • Tuition fees: 1200 LE / $75
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Frequently asked questions

Tuition Fees: 1500 EGP/ $90

Yes, you can try a free session after you register.


Unfortunately, you cannot. This course is taught in English.

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