Freelancing for Translators

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Course details

About the course

This course enables translators and translation students to freelancing in the field of translation. Through the Internet, you can get a job without trouble, but in order to succeed and establish a reputation for yourself in the world of freelancing, you must be familiar with the necessary skills that qualify you to be successful in this work, and this is what this course aims for. Immediately after completing the course, you will be able to work as a freelance tranlator.

Course content

• Introduction to freelancing.
• The basics of freelancing.
• Fundamentals of Marketing for translators.
• Freelance platforms.
• Communication skills for translators
•  CV writing
• Job interview preparations
• Time management skills
• Translation project management
• Cover letter writing.

Course Details

We offer two learning systems, either you attend online live interactive sessions or watch recorded sessions 

Live interactive sessions​

Course Starts: Feb 2023
Duration: 4 weeks (2 sessions/week)
Date and time: To be coordinated with participants
Session duration: 2 hrs
Group capacity: Max. 20 students
Location: Online (Zoom) Fees: 45 USD

Asynchronous learning

If you don’t have time to attend live sessions, you still can enrol in the course. You can watch the recorded sessions and you can always get back to your lecturer for any incomprehensible points or if you need to inquire about something. There will be continuous follow-up with the lecturer to make the most of the course.

Lectures and course material are available on our E-learning platform.

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  • Translation job opportunities

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