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Winter Translation Training 24

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Escape the winter chill and ignite your passion for languages with Polilengua’s immersive Winter Translation Training. Whether you’re a seasoned translator seeking to refine your skills or a curious beginner eager to unlock the world of communication, this program has something for everyone. Dive deep into the fascinating world of translation, focusing on English Arabic Translation. Our experienced lecturers, all native speakers of their respective languages, will guide you through interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-world translation scenarios. 😍
Here’s what you can expect:
• Master the art of accurate and nuanced translation: Hone your comprehension skills, learn effective translation strategies, and gain valuable insights into cultural nuances.
• Expand your linguistic horizons: Explore the intricacies of different languages and delve into specialized fields like technical translation, legal translation, or creative translation.
• Connect with a global community: Share your passion for languages with fellow trainees from diverse backgrounds and build lasting connections.
• Boost your career prospects: Gain the skills and confidence you need to excel in the translation industry or impress potential employers with your multilingual abilities.
Who can enroll in the program:
– Anyone who wants to learn translation.
– Translation students and fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
– Beginner translators who would like to develop their skills.
Topics to be covered: 🧐
– Essential translation skills
– Translation tools
– Translating different types of genres (General, legal, literary, media translation)
– Introduction to CAT tools
– Translation technology (PolilenguaAI, Chat GPT)
– Introduction to subtitling
– Introduction to freelancing
– CV and cover letter writing
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