Modern technology has become an integrated part in our daily life, or let me say our “e-life”. Technology, literally, penetrates every aspect of all human beings such as education, health, and even talking and socializing. Everything in our life becomes digital, as if we turned to be “e-humans”.

Technology has different forms, and one of these forms is the internet. It is considered as the mastermind behind the rapid development in life. Due to internet, everything we do in our life becomes fast. I wouldn’t rule out that one day the rhythm of our daily life will exceed the speed of sound. Since internet, as a sort of modern technology, has negatives, it also has lots of benefits. One of these benefits is ‘Google.

No one of those who use internet does not know what google is, but only very few who do get the full use of ‘Google search’. Therefore, it is really important – particularly, for corporations, agencies, and self-employed persons such as freelance translators or interpreters, or people who work in similar fields – because, for example, if you were ranked as N.1 or the first top ten in google search that means your fame is going to increase as fast as lightning, nationally and internationally. You will be able to get more work and your reputation will increase. This will be help you develop your skills and gain more social and economic benefits.

Translators and bi- or multi-linguals can benefit of this phenomenon as well. They can market for themselves and show their abilities and skills. This would solve one of the main problems in almost all the countries all over the world which in unemployment. Highly-qualified, skilled people – whatever their area of specialization is – will have a great golden opportunity to be known by many famous remarkable institutions worldwide, so that they can have better chances to get hired. Furthermore, there will be a chance for hundred thousand s of people to exchange experiences, skills, and cultures. Therefore, this will be reflected positively on the individuals and society as well.

To delve into this matter to know how significant is ‘Google Search’ and ‘Top Ranking’, Modlingua for translation services as a good example. The fame Modlingua, under its leadership, succeeded to become well-known, not only in India, the country of origin, but also in many areas of the world thanks to its wise able leadership, and modern technology through good e-marketing. Technology is really amazing, but always remember, it is a useful servant, but a dangerous master!