Advanced Translation Techniques

Group Capacity

5-10 Students


Online (Zoom)


549 EGP/ $49



5 weeks (2 Days a week/ 3 hrs)

"This course extends and refines students' practical translation skills from English into Arabic & vice versa. It enables students to think critically about linguistic and cultural issues associated with translation at an advanced level."

Course Overview

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This course focuses on modern translation techniques to give you valuable experience of the  project and terminology management tools that are used in professional practice. This Course is taught by professional translation lecturers who will equip you with a good knowledge base and practical skills to launch an exciting career in the language services industry.

  • Advanced  Methods of Translation
  • Techniques for translating informative texts
  • Techniques for translating expressive texts
  • Techniques for translating operative texts
  • Legal translation 
  • Business translation 
  • Literary translation 
  • Media Translation
  • UN translation  
  1. Employ various translation techniques.
  2. Translate operative texts accurately.
  3. Translate expressive texts accurately.
  4. Translate informative texts accurately.
  5. Communicate effectively in bilingual and cross-cultural settings.
  6. Translate various genres of texts and documents accurately.
  7. Use more advanced translation strategies & techniques in different types of translation
  8. Consolidate ethical awareness as a professional translator.
  • Applicant must pass Introduction to Translation studies course, with a minimum grade of 80.
  • Or pass Polilengua’s Translation Test and scores 80%
    • Applicants must have basic computer literacy.     
  • Course Duration: 5 weeks (2 days/week) 
  • Session Duration: 3 hours
  • Course Capacity:  5-10 students 
  • Place: Online (Microsoft Teams)
  • Status: Available 
  • Fees/Course for Egyptians: 500 EGP
  • Fees/Course for International students: $ 35
  • Certificate Fee: 50 EGP 

Frequently asked questions

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The course costs EGP 500/$ 35 (Without a certificate)

Certificate Fee: 50 EGP

Yes, you can take a certificate. It is optional. 

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Due to Covid-19, all courses are offered online. 

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